Picture of a GPS swim route for July 16th training swim in Aquatic Park.


We had some qualifiers today, notably Dave Smith. Dave, a Vietnam Vet, is 69 years old and decided to give himself an epic 70th birthday present: swimming from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park with us on September 25th! The rest of our swimmers today improved their skills in the water and gained more confidence swimming in open water.


Two swimmers posing with the Take the Rock banner at Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

Mike and Terri promoting the swim.




Other first time swimmers, like Ryan Berg, experienced swimming the San Francisco Bay waters for the first time. He was able to get one-on-one instruction from Coach Patti.



Two swimmers posing after getting out of the water at Aquatic Park.

photo courtesy of Nataly Valdivieso



We are fortunate to have some incredibly experienced coaches helping us improve our technique and ensure every practice is safe. Stephanie and others proved kayak support to make sure all swimmers are doing well. Kirk led the group on an outside-in loop and Patti worked individually with our newer swimmers.

Take the Rock swim coaches pose at Aquatic Park.

Coaches Stephanie, Patti, and Kirk after the swim.


There is still time to join us and train, but don’t wait too much longer.

Swimmers heading into the water at Aquatic Park.

photo courtesy of Nataly Valdivieso