A swimmer in Aquatic Park wearing a wetsuit, goggles, swim cap, and wax ear plugs.

Most swimmers for Take the Rock use the following swim equipment:

  1. Wetsuit. These can be rented at Sports Basement. Stores are located in Berkeley, Campbell, San Francisco (2), Sunnyvale, and Walnut Creek. Prices have changed from previous years. See the picture below for current rates. Make sure to get a swim wetsuit, as surf and dive wetsuits are not ideal for open water swimming. Some of our swimmers go without a wetsuit, but it’s recommended that first-timers start with one.2016 Wetsuit rental prices at sports basement
  2. Goggles. Any pair will work. The important thing is to make sure they fit. Many people like wide-profile goggles.
  3. Wax Ear plugs. These are a must! Swimming in cold water without wax (or silicone) ear plugs leads to bad things including vertigo, nausea, and surfer’s ear. These are cheap and can be found at any sporting goods store and most grocery stores.
  4.  Swim Cap. Get a bright colored silicon cap. Bright colors make it easier for our coaches to keep track of you and silicon caps are more comfortable than the cheaper latex caps. If you are too cold, consider upgrading to a neoprene (wetsuit material) cap. They can be more expensive, but are warmer.